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Pre Cabling

When our clients are migrating their servers, one of the biggest issues they face is minimising the amount of downtime during the project. Technimove offers a range of Data Centre Cable Management and Pre-Cabling Solutions that help our clients to achieve this objective.

Technimove has developed a migration methodology that ensures downtime is kept to an absolute minimum, so our clients can be assured that their servers will be up and running as quickly as possible following their relocation. We offer Cable Management in the UK, throughout Europe and worldwide.

Before the migration takes place, Technimove Engineers will Pre-Cable your target environment. Our Engineers will install fibre and copper cables from patch panels and rack switches. These cables are neatly Cable Managed down to the correct “u” position. Our Engineers will then label both the heads and tails of the cables with the source and destination port information.

We can supply cables in custom lengths and colours to suit your specific requirements, which will minimise excessive cable management.

Data Centre Cable Management and Pre-Cabling help to minimise downtime and will reduce the risk of costly delays. Not only do they enable environments to run more effectively, but they also lead to a result that is more aesthetically pleasing.

Using Technimove’s expert input during the pre-cabling stage of the migration process ensures that any potential setbacks are avoided, leading to a smooth and successful installation.

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