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Using Disaster Recovery Servers during a Migration

What is the real cost of server downtime infographic

Physically migrating core production technology to a new location can be an extremely stressful experience for companies and IT staff. This is particularly true if applications need to be kept running during the physical move because downtime would be costly.

Many businesses swing production to their disaster recovery (DR) platforms if they have capability and a tested and robust swing-over plan. For businesses that do not have any DR servers or a backup site, Technimove can provide a solution called Technimove Transition Platform (TTP). This is a cloud-based virtual server environment where our customers can easily create a virtual mirror of their existing physical servers and actively swing business-critical and “live” production applications to the cloud in advance of any planned move.

This offering is very cost-effective: the servers are virtual, so there are no capex, big hardware or software bills to consider. Of course, if they prefer, our customers can buy or lease physical equipment from us, but it is now more effective and practical to utilise enterprise-class cloud architecture. DR is there to protect businesses, offer minimum downtime and avoid outages that could affect profits, brand and reputation.

Technimove’s transition platform or TTP can be used on demand for physical migrations or on a more permanent basis as a cloud-based DR strategy or solution, as well as for load balancing, testing, development or capacity expansion.

Project Management: DR Planning and Migration

Before commencing your migration, Technimove will ensure that you have a comprehensive data centre migration plan in place prepared by an experienced project management professional. The plan will be a combination of Technimove’s high-level migration prerequisites and the customer’s priorities as defined by the stakeholders and internal IT staff.

Your Technimove project manager will determine whether you have the necessary hardware and network infrastructure in place for the move, as well as the required human resources and technical expertise. We will work side by side with our customers to help plan the migration transfer driven by the stakeholders and lines of business within their organisations.

By working closely with our customers, Technimove can highlight any risks early in the planning process and mitigate those concerns with cost-effective solutions.

Any migration solution or plan will need to be tested well in advance to make sure the servers and applications remain in a near-always-on 24x7x365 configuration during any planned migration or in disaster scenarios.

Once all lines of business, application teams, networks, senior management, third parties and core user teams are satisfied that all the required production services are now fault-tolerant and can be transferred back and forth with no external or internal impact or outages, we will have achieved success and our customer will have the confidence to migrate, upgrade or simply rest assured that a robust DR solution is in place to ensure zero impact and zero downtime in the case of a disaster.

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