Data Centre Auditing

Server Relocation Specialists Technimove’s Audit Platform provides a full asset management and audit solution enabling fast, accurate data that can be exported or maintained in an alternative, modern solution to DCIM for managing data centre moves, adds, change and capacity planning/management.


What does it do?


  • Rapid Data Centre Audit.
  • Audit of device, power and network infrastructure.
  • Data and visuals available immediately during audit.
  • Data can be exported to CSV for quick and simple export to CRM’s etc.


Light touch barcoding solution for fast, accurate ongoing validation.   


Asset Management


Self-service, Fully automated Solution:


  • Scalable, Easy to Use, Multi-lingual
  • Platform as a service


Property portfolio management


  • Drag and drop floor plans (DWG,DXF,PDF)
  • Rack elevations, full asset details
  • Schedule reminder maintenance/servicing tasks
  • Full lifecycle asset management – 2D Barcode


Why Use It? 



  • Rapid deployment, immediate visibility, instant ROI.
  • Reduce costs – increase Data Centre operational efficiency.
  • Effective space and capacity planning.
  • Change and Incident Management.
  • Connectivity Management – Visibility of full path connections.


I.T. Asset Management Benefits


  • iOS/Android Apps for easy viewing/updating
  • Reduce cost – enhance/replace current asset management tools
  • IT Maintenance Management – Audit trail of all servicing/maintenance/repairs
  • Save Time – Ability to validate/update existing data instead of collect from scratch


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