IT Relocation

Not only have Technimove spent nearly two decades relocating servers and moving data centres across the world, we also provide a wide range of IT relocation services which can be tailored specifically to individual requirements.


Ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum, Technimove have the capacity to relocate thousands of users over a single weekend.  Most projects however, are significantly smaller, but no less important.  We will have complete the migration, power up and tested out of working hours, allowing you to minimize downtime and be up and running again during business hours.


IT equipment is labeled before being unplugged and wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap and placed into dedicated specialist computer crates.  Each crate contains one complete system and this too is labeled for easy identification.


Once secured onto the GPS tracked vehicles, the equipment is transported to its new location, where it is unloaded, placed next to the new desk and unpacked.  The PCs are recommissioned, with power leads plugged in, together with network and phone leads.  The equipment is powered up and, if requested, connectivity to the network is tested.



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