IT Recycling

It is estimated that in the UK over one million tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) is currently being recycled on a yearly basis. With this number increasing, it is now more important than ever, to ensure that redundant IT equipment is disposed of ethically, safely and securely using a certified and trusted source.


The solution Technimove provides for IT Recycling is:




adisa logoTechnimove is a registered Waste Carrier/Broker/Dealer with the Environment Agency and also hold the T11 exemption, which allows us to recycle your equipment.


Technimove is accredited by the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance (ADISA). ADISA are an independent body who have set the industry standard in IT asset recycling.

Being one of a select number of certified companies with ADISA, Technimove are subject to stringent testing and unannounced audits, to ensure the service provided to their clients is consistent and to the highest possible standard.


Securely Handled


icon_2As an ISO 27001 certified company, Technimove understands the importance of data security.



All Technimove employees are DBS checked, fully uniformed and carry photo ID. Once collected, equipment is never left unattended and is transported in GPS tracked vehicles until it has reached the Technimove processing facility, where equipment is processed for disposal immediately upon arrival.


Hard Disk Wiping


All hard drives collected by Technimove are wiped as part of their standard recycling process. Using one of two data wiping software tools, including CESG approved Blannco, the official standard to which Technimove wipe disks is ‘British HMG Infosec Standard No: 5 (Enhanced)’.


Technimove are able to wipe hard drives either on client premises or off-site at our secure recycling facility.


Hard Drive Destruction


For extra peace of mind, Technimove offer an onsite hard drive crushing or hard drive shredding service. The hard drive destroyer is designed to punch a hole in computer hard drives rendering them unusable and impossible to retrieve data from. This device can also destroy other small electronic devices including mobile phones, hand held data units, DVD’s, CD’S and data tapes.




Once processing is complete, a certificate is provided to show that all equipment has been disposed of in line with the WEEE Directive. This certificate includes a detailed audit of items collected, documenting make, model and serial number of each device, along with confirmation of the data destruction method.


Cost Effective – We pay you!


With Technimove operating from three UK facilities, we aim to keep collection costs to a minimum and in some cases, free of charge. Where there is potential resale value to equipment, we will even pay you for removing your unwanted I.T. equipment.




Technimove is committed to ensuring more than 99% of all equipment received is recycled and does not go into landfill. We also donate a number of refurbished items to carefully chosen charities and schools.


 Technimove have over 19 years expereince in IT Recycling and IT Disposal.


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