The relocation of a Server Room, 75 PC’s and 25 single items.


CS WhitbreadTechnimove were initially contacted approximately 5 weeks before the move and asked to quote for the relocation of the IT equipment, a Project Manager was appointed, who saw the project through until completion.


The project was a result of Pelican, who own Café Rouge, merging with the Whitbread Group.  The project involved relocating 75 PC’s plus printers, faxes and a large Server rack room.


After an initial site meeting in which an outline of the project specifics were highlighted, a programme was drawn up that identified the optimum sequence and approach to the completion of the relocation.  Pelican expressed that they required the move to be completed on the same day.


The Project Manager made arrangements for parking dispensations and liaised with the Facilities Manager, he also designed and sent a Move Pack to all staff effected, briefing them on the do’s and don’ts.


The computer Server rack and PC move programme


The team, which consisted of four Porters, four IT technicians and the Project Manager, arrived at Wardour Street at midday to begin the relocation of 75 PC’s, 25 single items and the Server room.  The Project Manager was further briefed by Pelican’s PM who outlined last minute alterations to the original plan.  Several items had been added to the original list, but the resources were on site to accommodate this.


The team began, starting at the front of the building.  The technicians began be decommissioning the computer kit and the porters followed, wrapping the IT equipment in bubble wrap and crating it.  Once all the computers were decommissioned, packed and crated both teams began to move the IT equipment down the two flights of stairs, to where the vehicles were waiting.  This proved very labour intensive and time consuming because to building did not have a lift.


The Server racks and PCs were transported in two vehicles; on arrival porters unloaded the crates and placed them beside their proposed desk.  Technicians then proceeded to recommission the equipment.  All of the kit that had desks available were now recommissioned and powered up.  The team of technicians plugged in network leads and powered up the PC’s before the Project Manager handed over on time, with all equipment tested.



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