Wembley Stadium

CS WemblyThe new Wembley Stadium is a truly iconic venue, known the world over and it welcomes roughly 1.5 million football and rugby fans each year.  It will also has an important role to play as the country’s leading venue for music concerts and allowing the United Kingdom to bid for the greatest global events in the world of sport – from the Olympic games to the FIFA World Cup.  Information Technology plays an integral role in the success of the Stadium, and the events it hosts.



When it came to relocating their Server equipment from the old stadium into the new stadium, Wembley Stadium called on Technimove to undertake the task. As is often the case, down time was critical with this move.  As well as staging some of the world’s largest sporting events, Wembley also stages conferences and provides a host of other services at the Stadium that require round-the-clock up-time.


Server relocation

wembley_flybyThe Servers to relocate were predominantly 2u Dell.  It was decided to divide the server relocation in to 2 separate phases, both being mid-week, both commencing at 20.00 hours, with one weeks gap in-between.  This allowed Wembley to adequately accommodate the impact of the move.


Wembley’s team shut the server equipment down, before our team removed the server equipment from the rack and packed safely in to our Server crates. Server racks were shrink-wrapped.  The server equipment consisted of approximately 3 racks of equipment, although it was, at the time of the move, arranged in 4 racks.  The distance between the two sites was less than ¼ mile, however, access to the stadium took time, due to the stringent safety regulations that Wembley employ.  Once in the Stadium, our team wheeled the considerable distance to the Server room, unpacked, and with the assistance of the Visio rack plans provided, re-racked the equipment.


The project was a complete success. Downtime was restricted to an absolute minimum.  All IT equipment was brought back up without any issue and Wembley Stadium suffered no interruption of business.


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