B Travelex65 Devices – London – Hampshire


Travelex is world’s largest global non-bank wholesale foreign exchange supplier, with over 30 years experience in trading in up to 80 currencies.  Travelex also offer services around Mobile and Card payments, and also global business payments.


Travelex were changing their managed hosting provider, from one in West London, to one in Hampshire.


The project entailed relocating 65 devices, a mixture of storage, servers and comms equipment.  Our requirement was to de-rack, pack, relocate and unpack the equipment.


Technimove’s solution


The equipment to be migrated was made up of a mixture of different manufacturers, with both new kit and some older legacy equipment.


Our team arrived promptly, as the client was shutting the equipment down.  This gave our team time to sign in to the data centre, receive a brief from the customer on late changes and to arrange our packaging materials.  This meant that as a piece of equipment was decommissioned, our team could immediately de-rack and pack it into our cases.


As we were not re-racking the equipment, everything was meticulously labelled.  A pre-requisite on this project was to provide 2 vehicles, and to separate critical equipment.  This was done, and both vehicles were despatched for 22.00.  Travelling at this time, meant there was little traffic on the road, and the team made the 67 mile journey in 90 minutes.


On arrival, the team unpacked the equipment, placing each server, together with its rail kits, outside its proposed rack.




The project, although very simple, was executed with precision, with teams arriving on time, equipment being moved in the correct vehicles, and the completion ahead of schedule.  Careful planning was instrumental in this, with the early introduction of one of our Project Managers proving key to the success of the project.



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