The Savoy Hotel

Server room move for London, St Andrews & Monte Carlo


The world renowned Savoy Hotel, located in the heart of London’s West End theatre district, on The Strand, opened its doors in 1889 and closed them on the 15th December 2007 for a £100 million restoration.  As with many businesses, an integral part of any long term restoration involved the relocation of their on site server equipment.  Technimove was entrusted with the responsibility following several weeks of diligent preparation and clear and transparent communication with The Savoy.



Our relationship with The Savoy began in November 2007, when one of our Senior Project Managers, along with one of our Account Managers, were invited to complete a survey on site at the Savoy.  The survey was to ascertain Savoy’s specific IT relocation requirements and it was disclosed that there was a small amount of equipment for disposal and the remainder to be relocated to three destinations; internally at The Strand, to St Andrews, Scotland and to Monte Carlo, Monaco.


Logistical approach


A single proposal was compiled detailing our methodology, logistical approach andrisk aversion strategy for The Strand, the largest of the IT relocations.  It was agreed that the two smaller yet equally important IT relocations to St Andrews, Scotland and Monte Carlo, Monaco were to be addressed in far shorter, yet suitably informative proposals.  Meeting specific customer requirements is how Technimove often win initial relocation contracts and continue to retain customer loyalty for subsequent relocation projects thereafter.  Therefore, it was business as usual for Technimove to compile a bespoke schedule specifically designed to meet 100% of the Savoy’s requirements.  Technimove won all three contracts.


We immediately began to prepare the necessary collection procedures to guarantee the appropriate European export clearance documentation; resources, Euro tunnel crossing and accurate schedules were in place with time to spare.


The disposal and the two smaller relocations to St Andrews, Scotland and Monte Carlo, Monaco were completed first.  The disposal was collected at 10:30 on 14th December and our team returned to collect both shipments for St Andrews and Monte Carlo at 17:00.  The two servers for Scotland and three servers for Monaco were packed and labelled on site according to their destination, loaded and placed insecure storage.  At 18:30 our two teams were loaded and dispatched for St Andrews and Monte Carlo. Delivery was successfully completed in St Andrews the following day at 04:00 and in Monaco at 18:00, both as scheduled.


At 08:00 on the 27th December the third and final relocation commenced.  There was a total of two 42u racks, three PCs and 25 rack mounted items that were all successfully relocated internally at The Strand, exactly according to schedule.


All three relocations were completed to the Savoy’s predetermined expectations.


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