Charities expansion of Head office


CS NSPCCAs a result of this UK charity’s recent advertising campaign, the increase in demand for their services forced them to expand their London head office.


The Charity obtained the third and fourth floors of the adjoining building – Arnold House.  Technimove were asked to assist in this expansion and the moving of their office equipment including computers and PCs.


The move programme


The project involved moving office and 85 staff and was split in to two phases.  Technimove was selected as the best professional moving company and provided a Project Manager to oversee the entire project.  The Project Manager began by surveying the site, including access, parking and equipment to be moved.  The results of the survey were relayed to the charity including an overview of the moving plan, appropriate guidance and checklists.


On confirmation the charity was supplied with a detailed office move programme.  Technimove’s role was to decommission the IT equipment, together with the phone system.


Phase 1


On arrival for the first phase, the building was protected and the Technicians began decommissioning.  Relocation porters packed equipment from the 1st, 2nd and 4th floors in to anti-static bubble wrap and then loaded the equipment into computer crates.


The crates were then transferred to the 4th floor, Arnold House and placed beside the proposed desks.  The technicians then carefully unpacked the IT equipment and recommissioned.  The charity requested that the PC’s be brought back up on-line. At this stage the charity’s IT staff took over.


Phase 2


Phase 2 followed a similar programme as the number of staff moving was split evenly over the two dates.  This second phase saw the completion of the project, moving staff from the 5th floor and once more from the 4th. On both days Technimove managed to complete moving office ahead of schedule at 14.00 hours.


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