B S Three160 Devices, 2 Phase Server Relocation 

4 datacenters within M25


SThree is an international specialist recruitment business.  At present SThree have 51 offices in 12 countries, circa 1,800 staff and a diverse client base of over 7,000 clients.

SThree are a long-standing client of ours, so it was a natural decision for them to approach us for assistance with this datacenter migration.


The project took place in the summer of 2010 and involved the relocation of circa 160 devices.  The equipment was split 70/30 between 2 datacenters, with phase 1 consisting of 50 devices and the other of 100 devices.


As SThree operate heavily in the US both projects started once the US markets had closed.  Phase 1 was reliant on New York, and as a result commenced at 01.00 Saturday morning, while phase 2 was reliant on San Francisco closing, and started at 03.00, 2 months later.


Our requirement was to de-rack, pack, move and re-rack the equipment, consisting of a lot of small and mid-range servers, together with a large number of NetApp storage devices.


Technimove’s solution


We were familiar with all 4 sites, having previously migrated many of SThree’s devices into these facilities.  This negated the need for a survey. We were able to quote and plan the move through our past experience.

Phase 1 saw a considerable delay in handing the equipment over to our team.  This meant that the team was still some time behind the schedule as they arrived at the new datacenter.  The priority was the NetApp equipment, as there was a dedicated engineer on site to bring them back up once we had racked.  This was completed swiftly, while the rest of the team concentrated on the server and comms equipment.


The second phase, although twice the size, was in fact a smoother process, with the shut down process being a lot slicker.  The team were loaded and on route by 05.00 and arrived at the new datacenter by 05.30.  The last device was racked at 10.00, allowing the SThree team to complete the re-cable, power-up and test of the new environment still on the same day.




SThree, just like with many of our customers, have utilized our services for several years, turning to us, to assist with their most critical projects.


We are a trusted partner of theirs because we deliver what they demand, and what we promise.


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