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B Standard bankThe moving of 250 company users’ IT equipment


Technimove had been instrumental in the success of the company on-going moving centralization / relocation project, and this final phase of the office and Server move was no different.  Having already moved over 400 staff, Technimove were called in to undertake the relocation of a further 250 users IT equipment.  This office moving project was split over 6 weeks and included 4 internal relocation and 2 external relocations, as the bank sought to bring all of their London based staff under one roof.


Commonly the moves were evenly split, with approximately 40 PC’s per week moving, plus printers, faxes and scanners.


Technimove were given out of hours access at 17.00 on a Friday once the users had logged out.  Working under the supervision of our Project Manager, the IT Server relocation team would proceed to decommission the equipment, pack it and crate it and move it to its new location.  Once there, the team would re-commission the equipment.


During the planning stage of this project the client expressed a desire for Technimove to take the re-commissioning a stage further than normal. As a result once the PC’s were on the desks, using lists supplied by the bank, the team plugged in both the network and phone leads in to their designated ports.  We then pinged the PC’s to test connectivity to the network.


Technimove successfully completed the project, relocating all 250 staff within the 6-week, 17.00 and 22.00hrs window.


Post-project meetings declared this a success as it released LAN Administration to undertake more localized tasks.


Technimove are a server relocation company who also specialize in Data Centre Auditing, IT Recycling, Data Centre Migration and It Asset Management.