B Maindec220 Devices – Northampton – Newport, Wales


Maindec are primarily an IT hardware support company that also offer their clients an array of other IT related services.


One of Maindec’s clients, an outsourcing company, wanted to move one of their clients from a data centre in Northamptonshire to a data centre in Newport, Wales, 160 miles away.


The project entailed relocating 220 devices, a mixture of storage, servers and comms equipment. Our requirement was to de-rack, pack, relocate, unpack and re-rack the equipment within a 15 hour window.


Technimove’s solution


We offered a great deal of support to Maindec in the run up to the project, assigning a Project Manager at an early stage. This was critical to the success of the project as the PM was able to identify several potential issues and help design them out.


Maindec’s client had placed several stipulations on the project, the main two that affected our team were the project had to be completed by midday Sunday, and secondly, that the equipment was dedicated to three separate vehicles, ensuring critical systems were not travelling together.


Due to the time constraints, we dedicated 6 vehicles and over 20 staff to ensure this project did not overrun. This approach allowed equipment to be loaded and despatched a lot sooner, thus avoiding congestion and delays at Newport.


The start time of 19.00 was effected by client based issues of shutting the equipment down. This saw the equipment handed over to our team at 21.30. Despite this delay, working through the night, our team managed to rack the final device at 08.00, a full 4 hours ahead of the scheduled hand over time.




As with all projects, a great deal of dependency was placed on us to deliver this project within scope, which we exceeded, as we regularly do.


Technimove are a server relocation company who also specialize in Data Centre Auditing, IT Recycling, Data Centre Migration and It Asset Management.