Fortis Bank

100 Server Move


CS FortisFortis occupies a leading position in banking and insurance in the Benelux countries and ranks among the twenty largest financial institutions in Europe.  This said, the company’s primary DR site is of critical importance to them. Having outgrown its current location within renowned Data Centre in Central London, Fortis was forced to look elsewhere for suitable accommodation.
The project involved the relocation across London of 7 racks of Server equipment, totalling 100 items, mainly Servers, together with a few items of Comms equipment.


Technimove’s solution


As with many companies, Fortis had a very “hands on” team that looked after their servers, so they were eager to recommission the equipment at the new site but it was decided that Technimove would decommission the equipment, slide it out of the rack, pack, move and slide back in to the rack at the new site.
We were allowed a generous 12 hour window in which to complete the project which was scheduled for a Saturday with a 08:00 start.  As usual, we were very active during the pre-move stage, carrying out surveys, attending project meetings, and assisting with the general planning of the relocation.
It was decided to provide 3 vehicles and split the team into two groups.  For practical reasons, it would not have been viable to move the equipment in a single phase as some equipment was still backing up as late as midday on the move day.  Secondly, splitting the project into two phases also reduced the level of risk for the Bank.


The Result


Led by the Project Manager who had overseen the entire pre-move stage, the team arrived on site 30 minutes ahead of the start time in order to prepare packaging materials.  At 08:00 the team began decommissioning the equipment.  Once the team slid the servers out of the rack, a second team would bubble wrap, before placing the equipment in to one of our specially constructed server transportation crates.  Foam-lined, these crates allow for the equipment to be moved with a maximum level of protection.
At the new site we were required to install runners before sliding equipment in to new racks, or different locations within the old racks.  The project was completed ahead of time, thus reducing the expected downtime for Fortis.


Technimove are a server relocation company who also specialize in Data Centre Auditing, IT Recycling, Data Centre Migration and It Asset Management.