EDF Energy

Relocation of London Electricity’s National Call Centre

CS Edf

Due to an increased demand on the call centre, EDF were forced to research new office premises, they finally settled on a prestigious, purpose built, glass office, visible from the M5 in Exeter.


The project consisted of relocating 850 PC’s, 50 printers and 500 call centre operator headsets and phone units out of hours. EDF decided to split the project in to three phases, across consecutive weekends, because the site was fully operational. The first phase consisted of 400 PC’s, 20 printers and 200 phones.


Both sites were situated in Exeter, separated by a distance of a 1/4 mile. Technimove’s Project Manager attended several project meetings with EDF during the planning stage, listening to the client’s requirements and tailoring our service to meet their needs. It was agreed that all equipment would be decommissioned, packed, transported and crates put alongside their proposed desks on the Friday night. A window of 7 hours was granted by EDF, commencing at 16.00.


IT relocation handled with professionalism


This window proved to be our largest obstacle. This was largely due to the fact that the equipment was coming from the second floor, and there was only one, small lift in the building. Technimove’s Project Manager first ensured that a lift engineer was on standby, he then carefully positioned staff to avoid a “bottle-neck” situation. Progress was swift, and it was even possible to begin recommissioning a few PC’s on the Friday.


The Saturday was reserved for recommissioning. EDF wanted all equipment recommissioned and powered up by 17.00. Technicians followed behind porters, who carefully unpacked the equipment and left it on the desk, ready to be recommissioned. Once technicians had recommissioned the equipment, it was powered up, and a quick connectivity test performed.


Once each department was completed, our Project Manager would undertake a “walk round” with EDF’s Project Manager to confirm all kit was present, in the correct location, powered up and connected to the network. The project was completed within the time frame, without issue.


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