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Daisy, one of the UK’s largest and most progressive ISP’s, invited Technimove to assist with a Server moving project that’s success, was critical to their business.


Having been very active in the market in recent years, Daisy had acquired several smaller ISP’s.  This project saw one of these ISP’s, situated in North-West London, being relocated to an existing location in the London Docklands.


The project consisted of a corporate Server moving package relocating 2,500 rack mounted Servers, and 40 racks.  Due to the magnitude of the project, Daisy decided to split this project in to 7 equal phases, consisting of approximately 300 – 350 servers a night.


As the Servers were carrying customers websites, both the timing of the moves and the length of the downtime was absolutely critical.  A data Server move of this nature requires professional transportation and planning.


We assigned a project Manager, who met with Daisy, listened to their requirements and undertook an initial survey.  From this, a full project plan was produced, consisting of, among other things, a feasibility study, and a program of events with timings.


Once we were awarded the project, our team, led by the same Project Manager, set about planning each phase of the Server move to the finest detail.


Mission critical server moves


On the move day, our team arrived at 19.30 for a 20.00 start.  This allowed for a daily briefing on any late changes, and time for the preparation of the team.  The IT equipment was shut down at 20.00 by the customer; we would then follow behind by removing the Servers from the racks, and carefully packing in anti-static bubble wrap.  Servers would then be placed in cages and wheeled on to one of our waiting vehicle.


Equipment was split between specialist computer transport vehicles, so as to spread the risk to Daisy.  At the new site, the cages were rolled off and wheeled in to the new Data Centre.  Equipment was unpacked and placed in to the new racks.


Each of the 7 phases was completed ahead of time, thus reducing the expected downtime.  This in-turn meant that Daisy’s customers had their Websites back up on line earlier than expected.


Having also met a few inevitable last minute changes with assurity, the move was a complete success, and Daisy were very pleased with the service, as the impact to their business was minimal.


Contact: Simon Girling – Corporate Project Manager


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