200 Servers over 50 Phases


CGIContinuing with our ongoing relationship with CGI, a solution integration company, Technimove were approached with a requirement to move their client the National Health Service (NHS).


CGI were approached by the NHS to resolve an issue whereby their current underground facility was becoming prone to issues, such as flooding, which lead to CGI proposing a move to a more suitable data centre.  With CGI  already accustomed to Technimoves services and levels of professionalism, they appointed us to migrate the 200 servers over a 50 phase/4 month period.


Technimove’s solution


With the NHS wanting to minimise downtime and disruption the move was scheduled over 50 phases with around 2-5 servers moving during each phase. As the items were being moved both into and out of secure data centres Technimove kept, where possible, the same team on each of the phases to not only keep familiarity to the move, but also to minimise any access requests to the data centres.


Provided with schedules and rack plans, our team were required to provide a complete service of decommissioning, de-racking and packing the servers from the collection site then to transport the equipment to the destination site where they were re-racked and recommissioned.


During the move it was often requested that CGI  and NHS representatives travel in a Technimove vehicle to see how the server relocation takes place and so they can accompany the equipment to the new site. For these requests, Technimove were able to provide one of our ‘transporter’ vehicles which can seat up to 6 people and, as with all of our fleet, is equipped with GPS tracking which can be made available to the client.




With Technimove able to provide a consistent team and a range of vehicles suitable for different customer needs, we were able to satisfy all requests made by our client. The 50 phase move was completed successfully and to the satisfaction of the customer which has in turn lead to a long standing relationship between the two companies.

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