16 Servers and 2 Server Racks Relocation


CS BupaBupa Hospitals announced that they would become independent from the Bupa Group after their £1.44bn takeover by private equity firm Cinven.  As of August 2007 all 25 Bupa hospitals across the UK were rebranded as Spire Healthcare.  As Technimove had worked on various projects for BUPA we were called upon to assist with migrating equipment from Staines to the Spire Healthcare Colocation in the Docklands.


Technimove’s solution


As with many moves, Technimove conducted a full onsite survey to understand the scope of the project. It was understood that 16 rack-mounted servers plus two 39u server cabinets would move in one phase on a Friday afternoon at 14:00 hours.


On the day of migration due to an issue in shutting down a server the client delayed the move hourly with an uncertainty of when, or if, the migration would go ahead. As experienced in the past, sometimes relocation do not always go to plan and when the client server could not be shut down by the client engineer Technimove were patient and stayed onsite until it was ready to move. Already with a contingency of a standby team in place to replace and relieve the team onsite should the move fall into the following day Technimove reassured the client that we would be onsite until the relocation is complete, however, the standby team were not needed in the end. The final server was eventually ready to be moved and Technimove completed the relocation which required us to derack, relocate and relocate all of the necessary items.




Due to Technimove’s experience and understanding of migrating IT Server equipment we were able to adapt to Bupa’s unavoidable issue and successfully completed the relocation. BUPA were extremely happy with the service received on this relocation and have since called upon Technimove to assist with further projects.


Technimove are a server relocation company who also specialize in Data Centre Auditing, IT Recycling, Data Centre Migration and It Asset Management.