BP (British Petroleum)

B BPIn the summer of 2003, BP took the decision to centralise many of their servers.  At the time the vast majority of their servers were situated in server rooms within several BP sites in the City.


A decision was made to begin the gradual shift to a data centre in the Docklands and Technimove were invited to tender for the relocation.


Essential to BP was a very responsive service, provided by a company with experience of moving server equipment. The service that we continue to provide for BP is exactly that. With anywhere up to 4 relocations a week, with often only 24 hours notice and the provision of a roll-back service after the move, if BP requests it, we will deliver.


Server relocation to central data centre


The majority of the equipment is rack-mounted servers. Already decommissioned, Techninmove protect the area we are working in, before sliding the equipment out and packaging it in anti-static bubble wrap. Equipment is then placed in to custom built server flight cases before being transported. At the data centre the equipment is unpacked and slid back in to the racks.


As the servers are mission critical, timing is essential and down time needs to be minimised. Our team always arrive ahead of the collection time, and equipment is moved in dedicated vehicles that do not stop in between collection and delivery. Servers can be slid out of a rack in the city and slid in to the new rack at the data centre within 1 hour.


All equipment is comprehensively insured, moved by vastly experienced staff, by a company that knows what it takes to deliver a mission-critical service.


Technimove are a server relocation company who also specialize in Data Centre Auditing, IT Recycling, Data Centre Migration and It Asset Management.