In the spring of 2017 we completed a two-phase Data Centre Migration project for Bidfood. This included full project management, infrastructure audit, decommission/recommission, de-rack/re-rack and of course the physical relocation.

The feedback we received from them was very positive. Faye Reeve, Senior Buyer at Bidfood had the following to say:


“From the point of initial engagement with Technimove, they gave us confidence in their ability to deliver a low risk data centre migration and addressed concerns we had in a pragmatic and logical manner.  As we went through the process, they demonstrated their attention to detail and methodical approach to planning and executing key tasks.  Whilst there were issues that arose during the process, these were addressed swiftly and overcome with minimal impact to the overall project.  We would certainly recommend Technimove to other businesses and would not hesitate to use their services again in the future.”


Bidfood worked closely with one of our Senior Migration Consultants, Jason Lam. 


“Jason understood the complexities of the project and was always available for consultation.  His flexible approach to negotiating the terms of the contract made the relationship feel much more like a partnership even though it was a relatively short amount of time that we were engaging with Technimove for. “


Andre Regsite, our Senior Project Manager, made sure everything went smoothly during the physical move.


“Our Project Manager, Andre, also demonstrated a high level of commitment and effort and remained diligent throughout the project.  The team of engineers who performed the audits and physical migrations were responsive and committed to resolving any issues that arose, staying on site until we were completely confident that everything was operating as it should.  Overall, the Technimove team did an excellent job.”


It was a pleasure working with Bidfood and the project was a great success. If you have an upcoming data centre relocation, get in touch with Technimove. We minimize risk, reduce downtime and give you complete piece of mind. We complete every project and strive to exceed expectations every time.