80 Populated Racks, London


B AccentureHaving already experienced Technimove’s service, Accenture yet again approached us to provide resources and project management for relocation of 80 populated server racks for one of their
valued clients, Jones Lang Lasalle.


Located at JLL’s Hanover Square office and relocating to a datacenter in Park Royal, we were engaged to undertake a ‘rack to rack’ project, removing the equipment from its current server rack, securely transporting it and placing it in a new rack at Park Royal.


As with any relocation, business continuity is essential and as such we were given a 6 hour window to complete the project which required us to de-rack through to re-rack the equipment.


Realising the importance of maintaining business continuity, we assigned a senior project manager to work closely with the client, conducting a free site survey to ascertain the best route out of the building and ensure any potential transport issues were dealt with before they occur. Our project manager also attended multiple pre-move meetings to avoid any hidden issues and to be aware of server locations in the new racks, for which a Visio rack diagram was produced.


Dates and schedules were then agreed between Technimove, Accenture and the end client, Jones Lang Lasalle. However, as with many projects the schedule was subject to multiple unforeseen changes along with changes in the amount of equipment to be moved. Technimove’s reputation for being flexible allowed us to adjust to these changes with no disruption to the overall project.


As such, our team arrived onsite 30 minutes prior to the start time to prepare the packaging and install building protection. The equipment was then handed over to Technimove to systematically de-rack, wrap in antistatic bubble wrap and pack into foam lined server transport cases.


The equipment was then loaded onto two vehicles and transported to its new location at Park Royal, where it was moved to the new datacenter, unpacked and re-racked to match the previously constructed Visio rack diagram, allowing our engineers to work accurately under the direction of the project manager who was also onsite to oversee operations.


Successful Completion within Deadline


Although there were a number of last minute changes, such as additional equipment to be moved and a delayed handover from the client to our team, Technimove were able to complete the project within the allotted relocation window without sacrificing any aspect of the quality of service that we pride ourselves on.


Our wealth of experience in similar situations, meant that we were able to adapt to the changing circumstances without raising any additional complications.


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